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Overview is a website specifically designed for a beekeper based in Zafferana Etnea (IT)


A beekeper based in Zafferana Etnea needed a new brand and an e-commerce to easily sell the honey he produces.


A modern logo describing the values he wants to show to the users and an e-commerce website well optimised for all platforms. 


Role: UX Designer

Timeline: 6 months

Team: Simone Tomarchio, Federica Licciardello, A-tratti team




Users interviews

Competitive and comparative analysis

Usability tests


A fully working e-commerce to sell the products and to show people the honey making process and the farming operations. Moreover, the beekeper now features a brand new logo that he can use for the advertising campaigns and to renew the honey jar labels.

User research

I conducted some reaserch to fully understand the target users of the client. After that, I grouped them into two user personas to point out their needs and the pain points they have while using an e-commerce. Moreover,  I carried out a competitor analysis to understand their sthrenght and their weakness about their presence on the web.

User Persona:

User persona: Carlo

Starting the design

Branding Design

I asked the beekeeper which were the values and the skills he wanted to comunicate to the people. Also, he wanted an international logo, which would allow him to destine products to foreign markets, keeping the strong sense of belonging to his region and city.


​For these reasons I Designed the brand name "Beedda":

  • "Bee" related to the bee farms.

  • "Bedda" is a very famous sicilian way to say beautiful. I used this word to underline the origin of the products.

  • "Idda" in sicilian means she/her, and it's used to talk about the volcano Etna. Once again, is to underline the city of origin of the products and of the beekeper, Zafferana Etnea, a small village close to Etna.

  • "Be-idda", literally be like her, is a wish to be beautiful and majestic like the volcano.

  • In the first logo design we decided to match the upper part of an exagon, the standard shape of a bee-hive, with the volcano shape and we added a flame. During the redesign process we deleted the flame and adjust the shapes.

Digital wireframes

I decided to design a website simple and intuitive, to avoid any possible sense of loss that users may have navigating a webpage.

Usability study: findings

  • Most of users feel confused because they don’t know where to find the company information and contacts.

  • Part of users don't know if they can pay by credit card or paypal.

  • A part of users want to see more images instead of only one when they select a product.

  • There’s not a product counter to select more than a product to purchase.

I conducted an unmoderated usability study with 6 people: 3 females and 3 males from 25 to 60 years. The main findings are:

Screenshot 2023-09-28 122802.png

High-fidelity Prototype

Accessibility considerations

To guarantee a high readability I used mainly three colors: yellow, black and white, which are the main colors of the brand. Moreover, I guaranted the possibility to complete a task in many ways, so users don't feel confused or stressed while surfing on the website.

Furthermore, a translator has been added to allow people who speak different languages to easily navigate. 

Desktop - 1-min.png
Screenshot 2023-09-28 130333.png
Screenshot 2023-09-28 155827.png
Screenshot 2023-09-28 164025.png


Impact has been considered by many users a well designed website, and the company led only by two people has been perceived bigger than it is.

What I learned

A website well designed can make a huge difference on user perception. 

Next Steps

It’s necessary to optimize the design on tablets.

After the first version, the design and the content of the website has changed, to meet client and SEO needs. More usability studies are needed to test if these changes are still good for potential users. 

Thank you for visiting my portfolio!

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